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Noon-6:00  Derek Tresize - "Interested in going VEG? Ask a Certified Plant-based Nutritionist how to do it right!"
12:30-1:15  Pauline Stephens - "Mindful Vegan Methods" & Cooking Demo: Carribbean Style Raw Vegan Lasagna
1:45-2:30  Greg Johnson - Cooking Demo
2:45-3:30  Marcella Torres and Derek Tresize - "How to Make Healthy Whole Foods a Habit"
4:00-4:45  Keva Miller - Cooking Demo: Guilt Free Pasta with Garlicky Green Beans
5:00-5:45  Ed Edge - "Vegan MYTH BUSTERS: Fact vs. Fiction about the Veg Lifestyle"

Mike Goldberg

Master of Ceremonies

An Emmy-nominated meteorologist, Mike Goldberg will be emceeing the Richmond VegFest for the 16th year! Mike has served as Chief Meteorologist for television stations in both VA and NY, and has made several appearances as a guest meteorologist on The Weather Channel.

Mike is always out in the community, promoting science education in the schools and presenting talks to various groups of all ages. He has served as a judge for the Virginia Science and Engineering Fair and the Metro Richmond Science Fair, and has also been the Master of Ceremonies for various events including the Richmond Vegetarian Society, Richmond SPCA, and the Richmond Animal League. He is both the founder and Artistic Director for Crescendo, a professional chamber music ensemble, as well as an accomplished conductor.

An avid animal lover, Mike is dedicated to helping local animal adoption and welfare groups, and hosts the Paws for Pets segments on CBS 6 every weekend morning. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Henrico Humane Society and has received a Guardian Angel Award from Save Our Shelters for outstanding contribution to animal welfare in Virginia.

You can catch Mike on CBS on Saturday and Sunday evenings, plus noon & 7PM on Mondays & Tuesdays as well as both 88.9 WCVE and Richmond Public Radio as a classical music host.

Pauline Stephens

Becoming You Lifestyle Management, LLC

"Mindful Vegan Methods" and Cooking Demo: Carribbean Style Raw Vegan Lasagna

Pauline Stephens Pauline Stephens is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor (aka Nutrition and Holistic Counselor) and professionally trained vegan chef and certified fitness professional. She resides in Richmond, Virginia where she champions living a healthy and organic lifestyle. Her days are also filled with creating vegan meals and workout plans to share with her personal training clients. She has been called upon to speak at various schools and organizations regarding healthy eating and to lead guided meditation sessions.

Excitingly, adopting a vegan lifestyle is taking over the world by storm. It's no longer considered taboo or just for a particular group of people. With the wave of health conscious individuals, documentaries and the support of vegan activists, veganism is becoming more acceptable and attainable. However, just like any other dietary and lifestyle preference, there are other factors to consider such as the affect of food on the mind, body and spirit. We will explore this and methods in selecting and consuming delicious vegan foods.

Pauline will also be preparing Carribbean Style Raw Vegan Lasagna.

Website: paulinestephens.com

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson


Cooking Demo

Greg Johnson is the Chef and owner of Citizen, a downtown, walking-destination, lunch, breakfast, and dinner spot which emphasizes a unique menu that offers non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan items with locally purveyed and seasonal ingredients. Citizen's goal is to build relationships with and between local growers, producers, purveyors, curators, artisans and customers.

Greg has previously worked in many Richmond establishments since 1983, including Amuse at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Chez Foushee, The Country Club of Virginia and many other well-known and not-so well-known restaurants.

Marcella Torres and Derek Tresize

Marcella Torres and Derek Tresize


"How to Make Healthy Whole Foods a Habit"

Marcella Torres and Derek Tresize have been competitive bodybuilders, fitness, and nutrition bloggers at Vegan Muscle and Fitness, and owners of Richmond, Virginia, plant-based personal training studio, Root Force Personal Training, since 2009. Between them they have three degrees in subjects from biology to mathematics (and a PhD in the works), various personal training and nutrition certifications, two vegan kids, and a vegan dog named Joe.

With 5 jobs between them, full time graduate school, and two small children Derek and Marcella know the meaning of the word "busy"! Here they will share their strategies for making plant-based eating simple, cheap, and convenient and will even provide a template for planning your own plant-powered menus.

Website: VeganMuscleandFitness.com

Keva Miller


Cooking Demo: Guilt Free Pasta with Garlicky Green Beans

Chef Keva Miller is the owner and operator of the holistic lifestyle company FeedShine. She's originally from Atlanta but currently residing in Richmond, VA and has been since 2010. Her company FeedShine was a result of her own healing process and the gift she wanted to provide for others to simplify the process of self-actualization.

Keva will be preparing Guilt Free Pasta with Garlicky Green Beans, which are vegan and gluten free. Both recipes are also in her cookbook, Trill Prep.

Website: feedshine.com

Keva Miller Guilt Free Pasta

Ed Edge

Have Heart

"Vegan MYTH BUSTERS: Fact vs. Fiction about the Veg Lifestyle"

Ed Edge If you are ready to be inspired, come hear Ed Edge, community activist, entrepreneur, restaurateur, and critical care provider, discuss the facts versus the falsehoods regarding the veg lifestyle. Ed has a history of dedicating his life and his businesses for the good of the community. He has operated several food carts and even created Have Heart, free fitness and nutrition training for people living in local housing projects. This is a presentation you do not want to miss.

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